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I took early retirement from my aerospace career in 1991 to become a professional gospel singer/actor.  I was a frequent soloist and favored actor in many of my home church’s Christmas and Easter programs.  I professionally recorded one cassette album in 1988 titled, “Jesus The Corner Stone.”  Contact me if you would like me to burn you a CD copy.  


   Traveling across the U.S. I sang and acted in a musical drama called “The Man Who Hosted The Last Supper.”  My presentation was well received by many churches during the summer of 1992 and I was flown back to the east coast to repeat my presentation for the following Easter.  In 1995 a problem developed with my vocal cords, which ended my musical career.  Nevertheless I continued acting.  My last performance was, playing the part of the apostle Peter, in my church’s Easter program for 2004.  That all stopped when I developed heart problems.  In 2005 I had a CABGX4 (Cardio Arterial Bypass Graft times four).  In other words an open heart surgery with four arteries bypassed.  A leaky heart valve limits my physical activity.      


      I am a contributing author in World Missionary Assistance Plan's (World MAP)  “Bible school in a book,” “The Shepherd’s Staff.” It has been distributed to over 450,000 church leaders in Asia, Africa, Latin America, China and Russia.My book “Assumptions About Faith And Tradition (Publish America, 2002) was written to share insights I received when I went back to the Bible to find support for the things we believe.  Assumptions... is now out of print.  I am rewriting it under the new title, "In The Bible, But Outside The Box (not yet published).  Another book, “NO SPIN FAITH: Rejecting Religious Spin Doctors,”  exposes the spin that so-called faith teachers are putting on the subject of faith.  It was written after more than thirty years of studying what the Bible has to say about faith. 

   I was born in Washington D.C. in the winter of 1938 and served three years in the United States Air Force as an electronics technician.  After thirty years in the aerospace business, I retired as an operations supervisor from the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex located on the National Training Center near Barstow.

Astronaut Brian Duffy behind me on my Goldwing.

What a job!

Tracking satellites wasn't the only thing I did. 


Astronaut  Duffy says:
To Larry -
Thanks for all the great work.
Good luck.

Larry Parker and granddaughter Emriss 2012

Favorite Pastime


When I came to Barstow I  took flying lessons and became a private pilot.  Here I am flying a Cessna 172 over the city.

Astronaut Brian Duffy and Larry Parker


Approaching 70 meter Ant.