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Why We Should Read the Bible Every Day  May, 2010

God’s Promises Are Conditional             July, 2012

The Last Trump                                     August, 2012

Wisdom’s Platform                         September, 2012

Prophesy For the USA                         October, 2012

God Loves Us Sooo… Much           November, 2012

Jesus’ Incarnation                            December, 2012

Type of Trinity                                       January, 2013

The Pride of Life                                  February, 2013

The Holy Spirit and Wisdom                 March, 2013

The Parable of the Sower/Soils               April, 2013

Little Children                                              May, 2013

The Tribulation Period                               June, 2013

People Who Never Hear About Jesus      July, 2013

Jesus Is Not Caucasian                           August, 2013

Jonah And The Whale                    September, 2013

Our New Bodies                                   October, 2013

The Rapture and Daniel’s 70th Week    November, 2013

Jesus' Incarnation                            December, 2013

We Must Make a Choice (Chose Life)    January, 2014

The Salt of the Earth                          February, 2014

Why I love the Assemblies of God       March, 2014

Holiness Without Legalism                       April, 2014

SinIn the Lives of Believers                   May, 2014

RighteousIn the Lives of Believers      June, 2014

The Rapture                                                         July, 2014

The Restrainer and the Rapture                      August, 2014

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